Life After Life

“In Life After Life, we witness the choreographers form a special bond with three charismatic senior women as they shape their raw, simple, and authentic movements into personal stories told through movement. This is not a dance-made-for-film but more of a human-interest story with wider appeal about aging, healing, and the creative process that gets to the very heart of the human condition.”

Karen Peterson
Artistic Director, Karen Peterson Dancers

"Life After Life is a touching story of intergenerational collaboration and mixed ability creativity that would make a great in-service segment for senior living staff or volunteers--highly recommended. And, given the documentary's tender and insightful portrayal of older women, it should come as no surprise that the director used to work for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood!"

Ara Rogers, Ph.D.
Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Florida

"I applaud all of those involved in this production for their many accomplishments. I'm in awe of the challenges these women have overcome and commend them for their courage to share their stories with the world. This film will transform how the world views aging, ability, and artistic expression. Above all, it will inspire all people to reach for the stars and embrace new experiences." 

Jane Castor
Mayor of Tampa, Florida

"Every body dances. I know this from my work as a choreographer. But, after viewing Life After Life, I am hopeful that the characters on screen might help reveal this truth to a wider audience. This intimate portrait of three older women using their unique abilities to create new forms offers a timely challenge to popular notions of what dance should look like and what (and who) it's actually for."

Leymis Bolaños Wilmott
Instructor of Dance/Artist-in-Residence at New College

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